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Plymouth’s car club has a fleet of the new electric MG's that you can rent by the hour, providing a comfortable and greener way to travel.

Select the car club layer to find your nearest vehicle.

How it works?


Join the car club.


Download the Co Wheels app.

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Find and book your nearest vehicle.

car symbol

Unlock your vehicle and drive!


Return your vehicle to the same location.

Benefits of joining an electric car club


No cost and burden of car ownership

vehicle tax

No vehicle maintenance and road tax


Reduces the number of cars parked on roads


Cleaner air and less carbon emissions


Only pay for what you use

About Co Wheels

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Co Wheels is the provider of Plymouth’s car club. Operating in over 60 towns and cities across the UK they provide an easy way to access a vehicle and keep you on the move.

For more information head over to the Co Wheels website.