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We followed a few of our riders to find out how they really felt about riding the Beryl e-bikes.

Ros and Vicky share their story about how our e-bikes help them to stay active and spend time together in nature.

Magda shares her story about how adult cycle training helped her gain confidence on our e-bikes allowing her to go out with friends and stay active.

Cycling support is available for free for all adults. Visit the Plymotion page to learn about how you can book your session, grow your confidence on a bike or trial a commuter route to your workplace.

Carbon Footprint

Travel is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, find out what your biggest contributor is and how you can tackle it!


Calculate your carbon footprint

Climate Action

Want to know more about the work Plymouth is doing to take action and reduce its climate impact? Visit the Climate Connections website where you can learn about all the efforts made to help make Plymouth greener.

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